Soloba Mady Keïta

Sir Soloba Mady Keïta is the Marketing and Production Secretary of AOPP (Association des Organisations Professionnelles Paysannes) from Mali. He honoured us - Open Minded People Exclusively staff-  with his presence at our booth during the 4th The Fair Trade Forum which took place at Paris from 25 to 26 April 2008.

He mostly has travelled from Mali for attending that event. He also could see a smallest part of how the cotton they produce is made. As it’s important for us- OMPE- to know where the cotton we use come from, as it’s important for the Malian small producers to see what the cotton they produce becomes, in time.

That encounter was a learning experience for both of us. As for us, we have known what is it exactly the fair trade: that’s not only turning organic plants into textiles, but also the meeting of the people who are open and think along the same lines concerning consumption politic.

Sir Soloba Mady Keïta with Frederic de Benghale and Guillaume lozes